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Growth is a continuous process- slow and gradual

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Nature teaches us to honor time and change. We don't see change but experience it over a period of time.

She came to our open air community Yoga practice in 2020. Seeing her practice I offered her a chair for use during practice and using variations best suited for her body on that day. She accepted gracefully and continued using the chair for the following month.

I have offered chair to many clients before. Not everyone accepts to use it as they attach to the idea of it being a weakness. Our body is a story. Like the saying goes- "don't judge a book by it's cover". The pages of this book holds details which is impossible for a person to know unless they read the book. The book blurb will only give you a gist!

Yoga gives us the opportunity to study this "book". As we step on the mat and move into postures using our breath as guide, we flip through the pages of our story. It's enlightening!

We talked about limitations and goals. We also knew what we are reaching for will take patience, time, and effort... from her end.

From mindful movement (asanas), to breathing practices (pranayama), compassionate inward contemplation (pratyahara), gaining one pointed concentration (dharana) ----she patiently travels through every step on the mat and takes this practice to her daily life outside the mat.

Growth is not sudden. Its gradual and slow. Growth is not unidirectional but rather necessitates a step or two backwards, a couple of steps sideways, some zigzagging, and circular motions in order to ultimately move forward.

As she gains more understanding of how her enregy is effected by her environment- her personal resolve, her food intake, her interaction with self and people around gives her the ability to study her bodies reponse. There are times when she feels like she has fallen a few steps back. She gets up learning from the fall, not giving up on the onward and forward journey.

She overcame her bloodpressure anomaly and currently is off medication. She didn't have the intention to lose weight but this comes as a positive side effect of a regular practice 🥳

She has a stronger body and mind and she celebrates her ups and downs with grace.

In 18 months

We celebrate you, your ability to be happy in the moment, to recognize that we alone can make a difference within us and around us!

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