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Where is your battery level?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

I use this phrase regularly in classes and at home: "Notice where is your energy level right now."

Many of my clients and my family members struggle with this concept.

Here is a humble attempt at making this concept more practical and tangible for many of us so that we can improve the quality of our lives.

I hope to leave you thinking and questioning after you finish reading.

We all are owners of a sophisticated device that is handheld. Yes, your smartphone.

Have you noticed that when this device has lower charge it cues us to move to Low Power mode (Picture 1)? Why?

It does this so it can work efficiently on a battery saver mode and allows you to make your phone calls and send texts while your phone will disable background uploading and downloading in most apps, so your photos and videos won’t sync with the cloud while battery-saving measures are in effect. You won’t be able to use a “Hey Siri” or a “Hey Google” voice command, either. Screen brightness is a big battery drain, and low power mode will dim your display accordingly.

Now that is SMART!

Picture 1

How does a human body know that their battery is low and what does " low power mode" mean for us?

The most tangible cue that we can depend upon is how we wake up. Are we waking up fresh and energetic and right around the time we set our alarms for or are we tired and groggy and keep hitting the snooze button?

How did we get to a low battery situation? How do we turn on our own battery-saver mode"?

The next thing I want us to think about is planning our wellness journey when we are running on low battery:

Have you tried upgrading phone software when the battery is low? (Picture 2)

It asks you to plug to a charger to continue the upgrade.

Picture 2

How would this apply to us?

I would love to hear from you and your interpretations of this theory.

What would you do to function efficiently?

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