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Honor your “slashes”

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A foreigner, an immigrant, an alien. I had more “slashes” against my name after coming to this country. I take this opportunity to put down a few things these “slashes” have taught me. Being an American means to multitask constantly.  I am more efficient today, more reliable today because I have to depend upon myself first. Thank you! Being an American is to be able to ask for help from the community and know that someone is going to catch you before you fall.  You have to find a way to ask☺️ Yes, I have learnt it from you (America) that I am not alone. I am more in my body and mind because I know my day to day goes on with your support. Thank you!  Being an American means to be able to tell your story to anyone!  My personal favorite☺️  You have taught me to be able to share my story with a stranger (as I have been the stranger in many situations). You have taught me that hearing my story is a privilege to the listener I choose because my story is worth telling. Only if a person is worthy... I care to share. Thank you! Being an American is to truly believe “it takes a village to raise a child” There have been many times my kids have been able to get to where they want to be/where they have to be because we have recieved help from a kind unknown person or a known friendly soul. Thank you!  Next time when you feel like an alien, a foreigner, an immigrant think of reaching out to the community and learn from the offerings around you.🙌🏽 You will never feel you don’t belong here. You can belong anywhere as long as you reach out and connect.❤️ Thank you for making me stronger, a better person, a believer everyday day America!!! Happy July 4th to you all! Namaste, Aarti

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