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Did you make your Sankalpa?

An age-old tool for manifestation...

As we step into this new year let's look into this term "Sankalpa". (you may have heard if you practice yoga as the teacher leads you into your asana practice)

Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for intention. San means “to become one with” and Kalpa means “time” and “subconscious mind.”

This term comes from Vedic practices.

It's a ritual, a vow, and involves using your mental faculty incorporating willpower and determination.

Following these steps will help you reach your Sankalpa:

- short and affirmative

- in the language you think in

- easy to recollect

- serve a long term purpose

- for the larger good

How should a Sankalpa be used?

- regular repetition

- conscious to the subconscious (mindful repeated efforts to effortlessness)

- writing it repeatedly

- verbal chanting

-mental chanting

Once you have your Sankalpa, start your day with it.

Before leaving the bed in the morning, repeat your Sankalpa. Likewise, do the same before bed.

To enhance the effect of a Sankalpa or intention a Sankalpa mudra can be used. This is a hand gesture added to your daily sadhana (practice). (google image used for reference)

Here, the left hand rests palm facing up on the right thigh, while the right hand covers the left with the palm facing down. The elbows are relaxed beside the rib cage, and the practitioner maintains a calm but alert posture. The practitioner then repeats, silently or out loud, their Sankalpa.

There are many ways to manifest what you wish to achieve. Before we get here, a clear understanding of self is needed. What you focus on becomes your reality, but that alone is not enough. Positive thinking and the right actions are needed as well.

One of the most powerful practices for planting the seed of Sankalpa is Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Yoga Nidra systematically relaxes the body and mind and guides you into deep awareness. You are aware and awake but you experience a disidentification from the body and mind. The making of Sankalpa happens in the second stage of Yoga Nidra - when you are conscious. You repeat this is at stage seven when you are coming out of a drowsy state. Here you recall and repeat the exact same words that formed your Sankalpa.

Practicing Sankalpa allows you to –

  • Acknowledge your mental blocks

  • Be grateful for the gift of life

  • Take a conscious step forward

  • Get in touch with your innermost self

  • Fulfill your heartfelt desire

  • Become self-aware

Try it!

You may have found your stepping stone to your journey towards inner peace.

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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