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Instant Pot Moment

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

June 28th, 2019 was my wake up call from the universe through an Instant Pot!

I have been forever been thinking of putting down words which relates ways of leading a more mindful life. I formulate these words from daily experiences and then dismiss it because it may not be impactful. I hear Will Smith speak words of wisdom on Facebook or Wes Moore’s podcast with Oprah and let my analytical mind drown my ego with it’s chatter.

On this particular day as I was getting the Instant Pot ready to make our lunch, it wouldn’t turn on. I pressed the power button...nothing. I checked the plug and the safety switch...all working. My mind began to race and got flooded with “What If’s ”.

What if this is broken? What if I don’t get this done in the next 30 minutes? What if I have to then ask my friend for her Instant Pot but then what if she is not home? What if I now decided to make the other vegetables on the gas stove instead…(followed by the thought) but then I don’t have those in the fridge ( continue to panic and now attack) because I didn’t have the time to do grocery. Dicky (my husband) has been busy with work and I have been doing everything at home. What if I get busier with more responsibilities and then never find time for home?

All these thoughts in my head; only moving from one to the next while I was hitting/banging/pressing buttons (common thing I have seen that helps your gadgets/electronics to spring back to life) on the Instant Pot only to realize that the other end of the wire was not connected to the pot!


I plugged it in and was followed by this warmth filling up my cold hands. I guess that was relief and gratitude that came climbing into my body.


If you are not plugged in; “what ifs” are bound to send you whirling down a panic stricken path.

I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for a year now. It’s not easy but the process is freeing. It’s easily lost when you are judged, vulnerable, being a parent, in the company of some people when you feel like your ego wants to give a performance (feeling inferior or superior)

Even when I have wanted to scream, cry, feel something that can be noticed in my actions, words or emotions I have been told “ how can you help people with Yoga and meditation if you cannot keep it together for yourself”.

Mindfulness practice becomes easier with time. You process things faster. You have to plug in first.

I believe that every interaction (with man, woman or child, living/non-living) is teaching us something about ourselves. If only in that moment we can put the analytical mind to rest and freeze our ego, we can look at the reflection of our self in the thoughts that rises in our minds. We cannot be always beautiful and put together.

We need to plug into the dysfunctional, messy, not-so-perfect, broken parts we all have inside. Only then will we be able to have healthy interpersonal skills.

Would love to hear some of your INSTANT POT moments.

In Gratitude of our connection,


Aarti Gautam

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