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Svadhyaya- Self Study

As of March 1st, 2021 she said, "my back has healed 40% in a month of Yoga practice, I have more energy, and I procrastinate less."

Please take this time to read her story and celebrate her victories. This may be similar to your story. If so, you can achieve this too! You have this power in you too!

She was an athlete and had an active lifestyle, a positive mind, and an enthusiastic approach to life, and was an overall calm and happy person.

In 2018, her body started showing signs. She missed her period a few times followed by heavy and slow bleeding. With low energy and a racing heart as a companion to this bleeding, climbing stairs had become a task. Irritation gripped her as she struggled to get through her days.

In April 2018, due to low hemoglobin counts, a blood transfusion was performed.

She started doing well until in September of 2018... she started bleeding again!

After having consulted two gynecologists, she underwent surgery.

Her iron level was low, more specifically Ferritin, and was advised iron infusion.

In October 2018 she resumed work! Things did not stop there.

In December 2018 she was admitted to the hospital due to a back condition.

In 2019, she said, "I had 4 hospitalizations out of which 3 were emergency admissions."

In January 2020, she underwent PT after which she was under bed rest for a month.

COVID-19 forced her out of bed to be there for her family.

Her health conditions stole her self-confidence, her joy, and peace.

(picture courtesy #strokesbyira on Instagram)

This woman defines self-study/Svadhyaya.

Some people heal faster while some don't heal at all!

Svadhyaya/ Self- study is the ability to meet yourself as you are: moment to moment. If we are strong today, we can be weak tomorrow. Why fight this weakness? It's here to tell us a story. It's giving us signs. Follow the signs of healing!

Thank you to you for teaching so many who read your story.

Don't be a victim of your past. Meet yourself where you are today. Educate yourself. Apply it to your current needs. Grow to find a connection to yourself, your joy, and your peace.

You have this inner strength. Dig in, let it out!

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