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What causes you to "STOP"

In my journey with mindullness, I have come across many people in physical pain and emotional pain. There have been conversations about why they don't engage in a certain form of exercise or practice any more.

Recently one of my clients (been working together for 8 and half years now!) broke her ankle. I was surprised that she wanted to continue sessions and that too so soon!

I love her dearly and began to doubt myself in helping her in this journey. As soon I detached myself from her suffering I could think about the tools that I can share with

her to help her get better.

I applaud her for having a "beginner mindset" and willing to do her end of work in this process of healing. She didn't stop because she cannot get into an advanced posture or do all the movments she could before her accident. She is applying breathwork and movments in other parts of her body to prepare for stability ones she can use her legs for standing again!

Pain in a certain body part, immobility in a certain area, feeling a certain way has been given the power to immobilize them or make them think "I cannot do this".

It's interesting to see how the definition of "this" is created by the ones who suffer. I will try and make it clear with an example.

A person who has been playing soccer for the longest time suddenly finds he cannot use his legs anymore with the same strength as before due to an adverse situation. He has three options. One - to forever give up the one thing that gave him joy. Two - to find other gifts he may have to experience joy. Three - to have a beginner mindset and walk the same steps like he did before to reach the strength that will help him play again!

When we think of us as only running the fastest and being our most powerful/accomplished self an injury/trauma takes that away from us. We have the power to be able to find the baby steps that led us to our mastery. A true master!

I can only speak from experiences of my own and will be happy to know your thoughts on this!

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